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Omega Tours Tourist Company is happy to offer You the unique routs at Kamchatka . Walking tours in the pristine nature, rafting along mountain rivers, salmon fishing, climbing the volcanoes, bathing in hot springs . Jeep tours, mountain and cross country skiing. See details

Welcome to Kamchatka!

Kamchatka is one of the most interesting places of the Earth. It is a true paradise for a traveler. Kamchatka is the land of smoking volcanoes. Nowadays 3 of them are in active phase. Kamchatka is the land of boiling geysers. That's the very place where there is famous and unique The Valley of Geysers. Kamchatka is the land of Hot Springs . From the South to the North, along the whole peninsular, a great number of hot springs are spread. And anyone can take bath in different thermal pools any time of a year, summer or winter. See details

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