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Ski tour to Nalychevo valley

Ski tour to Nalychevo valley Ski tour to Nalychevo valley Ski tour to Nalychevo valley

It is comfortable to travel by ski from the beginning of March till the middle of May. The thickness of snow the previous years was 6-8 meters. In this period of year snow cover hardens that allows you to ski comfortably. In the afternoon temperature may rise above zero. Intensity of solar radiation may lead to terina burn,that is why it is very important to wear sunglasses. A route to Nalychevo Nature Park is very good for ski tours. All along the way there are small houses convenient for passing the night. The ski tour to the Nalychevo Nature Park lasts 8 days.

1st Day. Meeting in the airport of Elizovo, transfer to the recreation tourist base, accommodation, checking up of the equipment, bathing in thermal water swimming-pool.

2nd Day. A helicopter flight to the Nalychevo Valley(25 minutes). Seeing of Avacha and Koryak volcanoes during the flight. Landing at Talovsky hot springs, spending the night in the house, bathing in the hot spring swimming pool.

3rd Day. Trekking to Nalychevo hot springs(12 km)and seeing of Kraevedchesky hot springs in the way there. Spending night in a comfortable house in Nalychevo valley.

4th Day. Recreation, bathing in the hot springs, sightseeing.

5th Day. Passing Pinachevo pass(1160 m), up from where a splendid view of Koryak, Arik and Aag volcanoes opens. After that descending to Semyonovsky kordon follows. Spending night in the house. A day's pass makes up 24 km.

6th Day. Trekking till Pinachevo village. The path lies along Pinachevo river, among stone birch forest and through cedar elfin. A day's pass makes up 24 km. Transfer from Pinachevo village to the recreation tourist base of Paratunka.

7th Day. Emergency day for the case of bad weather.

8th Day. Shopping, including buying Kamchatka souvenirs, visiting fish-market, transfer to the airport.

The cost of the tour includes: a three-times-a-day meal, service of a guide and a cook, service of an interpreter, basic equipment, transport service, residence at recreation tourist resort and in the houses on the territory of Nalychevo Nature Park, excursions, visa support, and registration.

Personal equipment and food are carried by tourists, but it is possible to engage a porter.

Each tourist should have: a backpack, sleeping-bag, sleeping-pad, ski, reliable shoes, articles of first necessity, bathing articles, sunglasses, personal first aid kit, flash-light.   

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