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The hot belt of Kamchatka

The hot belt of Kamchatka The hot belt of Kamchatka The hot belt of Kamchatka

The best time for this tour is from August till the middle of September. This route is for the average-trained tourists. It include ascending to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano (2322 m=7 618,11 ft ), and ascending Gorely volcano, which has 11 craters of different sizes and shapes. Visiting Zhirovaya bay of striking beauty on the coast of the Pacific Ocean . There is a perfect chance to observe the wild life of Kamchatka.

The program of the tour:

1 st day. Accommodation at the hotel of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski.

2 nd day. Set off to Mutnovsky volcano. A light dinner not far from hot springs in the way. Arrival at the place not far from Mutnovsky volcano, and setting the tent-camp.

3 rd day. Ascending to the crater of Mutnovski volcano. The way up and down takes 8-9 hours. Examination of active fumaroles, hot siphons, mountain lake and active crater of Mutnovsky volcano. Crater of Mutnovsky volcano is one of the brightest natural phenomenon of Kamchatka . In the way to the camp you will see the waterfall ( 90 m ) of Opasniy canyon.

4 th day. Ascending Gorely volcano ( 1829 m ). The up and down takes about 8 hours. Gorely volcano is considered to be active. It has 11 craters with the lakes. There is an acid lake of somewhat reddish-greenish-bluish color. Mutnovsky volcano is a typical shield volcano with flat, gentle slope. From the top of the volcano a magnificent panorama of Viluchinsky, Mutnovsky, Opala and Asacha volcano opens.

5 th day. Tracking to Dachniye hot springs ( 15 km ). The route lies along the caldera of Gorely volcano, through Pionersky pass (ascending about an hour). Then down along the path to the hot springs . A part of the route lies across snowy areas with small brooks from under snow. Dachniye hot springs are located nearby Mutnovskaya Hydro Power Station. Examination the area of the station and thermal area of Dachniye springs active pot. You may see pulsing springs, steam jets and mud pots. Passing the night in the tents.

6 th day. Tracking to Voinovsky hot springs ( 12 km ). The way lies down to Zhirovaya river, along the slopes of ancient Zhirovskoy volcano and goes down to Mutnaya river, where Voinovsky hot springs are located. Staying at night there.

7 th day. Tracking to Zhirovaya bay ( 13 km ) to the coast Of Pacific Ocean . Zhirovaya bay is surrounded by sheer cliffs. The coastline stretches for three kilometers. Passing night at tents there.

8 th day. The day of rest. A round trip to the waterfall (about 5 km ). Refreshing bathing in the bay.

9 th day. The way to Zhirovsky hot springs , which lies along a neglected road, among high grasses. Setting the camp nearby a small fish-breeding factory, not far from Zhirovsky hot springs.

10 th day. Leaving Zhirovsky hot springs . Passing Tenuevsky pass (about 700m height). Up from the pass a picturesque panorama of Zhirovaya river valley and Zhirovaya bay opens. Also you may see surrounding summits and Viluchinsky Volcano. Arriving to Viluchinsky hot springs ( 12 km ). Passing night in the tents.

11 th day. Bathing in Viluchinski hot springs . Rest. This group of hot springs is located at Spokoiny brook and Vilucha river confluence. There is a perfect small swimming-pool, baths with curable water.

12 th day. Tracking to Viluchinsky pass ( 6 km ). Examination the waterfall ( 40 m ) on Spokoiny brook in the way. Driving up to the tourist resort. Bathing in thermal swimming-pools.

13 th day. Excursion about the town, in the Museum of local lore, going to fish market and souvenir shop.

14 th day. Seeing off to the airport.

The total cost of the tour includes: Meal three times a day while the whole route, service of a guide, a cook, basic gear, transport service, hotel and tourist resort rooms, excursions, visa support, registration.

Personal gear and food the tourists carry by themselves. Also there is possibility to apply a porter. Everyone is be provided with: backpack (not less than 70 liters ),sleeping bag, sleeping pad, reliable tracking bots, articles of personal necessity, bathing accessories, repellent, sun-glasses, personal first aid kit, headlamp.

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