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Fishing on Tihaya River

The itinerary:

1 day. Meeting at the airport, transfer to the Central part of Kamchatka to Esso village (550 km.). Accomodation at a local hotel.

2 day. Helicopter transfer to the river. Flight takes approximately 40 minutes one-way.

3 – 8 day. Rafting and fishing.

9 day. Helicopter transfer from the river back to Esso village. Departure to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy by auto transport. On arrival, accommodation at a hotel or a recreation base.

10 day. Avacha Bay boat-trip (6-7 hours), sea fishing (flatfish, halibut, lenok).
11 day. A visit to the fish market, local souvenirs shop. Transfer to the airport.

The charge includes:

  • Transport during the tour.
  • Three meals daily.
  • Accommodation at the recreation base.
  • Hiring a basic gear. Travel bath-house.
  • Guide and chef service.
  • Licenses and insurance.

The fare doesn’t include:

  • Purchase of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, souvenirs.
  • Meals at a hotel or recreation base.

The price of the tour amounts to 7,000 Rub. per person daily. Helicopter service is to be paid separately. The total flight time approximately makes up 3 hours. Helicopter fare approximately sums up 100,000 Rub. per hour.


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