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The burning tops of Kamchatka

The burning tops of Kamchatka

The route runs among the most interesting and spectacular places. You are to visit slag deserts, Alpine tundra, overcome frozen lava flows, mountain rivers, a deep canyon of “Suhaya Hapitsa”river and touch the volcanic ice-caps. The path lies across the territory of Kluchevskoy Nature Park and ends up in The Dead Forest on Tolbachinskiy Dale. The route is rather long and passes uninhabited territories, which make it more complicated and demands much of the physical and technical trainings of the traveler. Nevertheless skilled guides and instructors will always help you to get over all the hardships of the travel.

The itinerary:

1day. Transfer from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy to Kozyrevsk village (approximately 550 km.). An overnight stop in the local hotel.

2 day. Transfer from Kozyrevsk village to the cone called “Kopyto” (meaning “hoof”), hiking to the brook “Baraniy” (meaning “ram’s brook”). Camping in a picturesque place.

3 day. Hiking to the foot of Ushkovskiy and Kamen (meaning “stone”) volcanoes. A visit to the canyon of “Studyonaya” river (meaning “icy cold river”). Camping.

4 day. Transfer to the Vulcanologov pass via the Bogdanovich glacier (3200 m.), setting a camp on the glacier.

5 day. Acclimatization and recreation day.

6 day. Ascent to Kluchevskaya Sopka  volcano (4688 m.)

7 day. Preparatory day for Kamen volcano climb*.

8 day. Climb of Kamen volcano (4579 m.)*

9day. An extra day for the case of bad weather.

10 day. An overpass to the Shmidt glacier.

11 day. An overpass to Bezimyanniy volcano.

12 day. Recreation day, or climbing of Bezimyanniy or Zimina volcanoes.

13 day. An overpass via Bezimyanniy and Tolbachinskiy pass. A visit to the nature sight – “Kamennaya polennitsa” (meaning “A stone log pile”)

14 day. Hiking to the vulcanologists base “Leningradskaya”.

15 day. Ascent to Ploskiy Tolbachik (meaning “Flat” Tolbachik).

16 day. A visit to the Dead Forest, the cones of the Great Fissure Tolbachik Eruption of 1975 and lava caves in the Southern break-through.

17 day. Reserve day for the case of bad weather. In the evening transfer to Kozyrevsk village, overnight in a local hotel.

19 day. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

Dead forest

This is a loop trip that is why depending on one’s priorities it can be done in reverse order. Moreover the route passes a great number of volcanoes therefore it can be extended and a number of additional climbs can be performed (Ostriy Tolbachik, Ushkovskiy, Udina volcanoes). Or additional days can be used for camping in beautiful places.

Optionally the tour can be shortened up to 14 days depending of circumstances.

14-days itinerary of the trip:

1 day: Transfer from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy town – Kozyrevsk village (about 550 km.) to Kopyto cone.

2 day. Hiking from Kopyto cone to the foot of Ushkovskiy and Kamen volcanoes.

3 day. Climbing of Bogdanovich glacier to Vulcanologov pass (3200 m.), camping on the glacier.

4 day. Relaxation and acclimatization day.

5 day. Climbing of Kluchevskoy volcano.

6 day. Reserve day for the case of bad weather.

7 day. An overpass of Shmidt glacier.

8 day. Hiking to Bezimyanniy volcano.

9 day. Recreation day or climbing of Bezimyanniy or Zimina volcanoes.

10 day. An overpass of Bezimyanniy and Tolbachinskiy pass, a visit to the nature-site “Kamennaya polennitsa” (meaning “A stone log pile”).

11 day. Hiking to the base of volcanologists called “Leningradskaya”.

12 day. Climbing Ploskiy Tolbachik (“Flat Tolbachik”).

13 day. Excursion to The Dead Forest, to the cones of The Great Fissure Tolbachik Eruption of 1975 and lava caves of the Southern break-through. Transfer to Kozyrevsk village in the evening.

14 day. Transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

It is important to keep in your mind that Kamen volcano is regarded as the most difficult volcano of the Kamchatka peninsular. Before ascent it the instructor is to make sure that the whole group is prepared. Thereupon a number of physical trainings are to be held on the slope of the volcano.

Udina volcano

The fare includes:

  • a pass to a specially protected area
  • insurance
  • transport service (a bus, an all terrain car, a helicopter)
  • accommodation at a hotel and at a recreation base
  • service of a guide-interpreter
  • service of a chef
  • three meals daily
  • group gear

The fare doesn’t include:

  • purchase of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, souvenirs
  • transfer to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy
  • excursions not listed in the itinerary.


A list of outfit recommended for the trip.

Personal outfit:

  1. A backpack (80 liters or more)
  2. A sleeping pad
  3. A sleeping-bag (appropriate for temperatures below zero)
  4. Trekking boots, trainers for a town and arrival
  5. Gaiters for boots
  6. Woolen socks (or thermo-socks)-3 pairs
  7. Cotton socks – 3 pairs
  8. A set of closing: a jacket and trousers (woolen, windblock, or polarteck)
  9. A thermal underwear (a jacket and trousers) – 2 sets
  10.  A windblock costume (a jacket and trousers with zippers from both sides)
  11. A warm jacket (down or sintepon)
  12. Gloves (woolen or polarteck)
  13. A hat (woolen or polarteck)
  14. An extra change of underwear and swimming trunks

Special personal outfit:

  1. Mountaineering boots (plastic, leather or double vibram)
  2. Crampons
  3. An ice-axe
  4. A belay system
  5. A helmet
  6. A jumar
  7. Carabiners – at least 3-4 units
  8. A descender
  9. A personal belay (rope, 2 meters, 10mm. in diameter), reepschnur (2-5 meters, 6 mm. in diameter)
  10.  A head light, spare batteries
  11.  Sunglasses
  12. Woolen mittens, gaiters, elastic bands to them
  13. Telescopic poles (optional)
  14. A helmet lining (optional)


  1. Sun protective cream
  2. A repellent
  3. A spoon, a plate, a mug, a knife
  4. A thermos flask for tea
  5. A repair kit: a needle, sewing, scissors, and an awl. (optional)
  6. A pocket-book for notes. A pen and a pencil.
  7. A personal first aid-kit.
  8. A camera, a sell-phone (optional)

Toilet articles:

  1. Toothpaste
  2. A toothbrush
  3. Shaving things
  4. A towel
  5. Soap
  6. A bast whist
  7. Slippers
  8. A mirror
  9. A comb

Documents: medical certificate, accident medical insurance, a book of mountaineer or some certification for a mountaineer badge (if provided).

Group gear provided by the company: ropes, hammers, hooks and balts, layings, frends, ice-axes, slings, carabiners etc. And also a bivouac gear, such as: tents, a gas-stove burner, cauldrons, a satellite telephone, etc.

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