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Flower tour "Kamchatka – The Paradise of Flowers"

Picture of Large Lady's SlipperThere are 1168 flower and fern species at Kamchatka. Among them 350 are curable, from which 100 is used in the official medical treatment. There is also a considerable number of species which can become perspective for studying them in the future and using in medicine. The Harmony of Kamchatka nature promotes sensitive perception of the surrounding world. Luxuriant and diverse flora excites incredible feeling of delighting with beauties of nature when you see a panorama of alpine meadows, the thickness of grass, bushes and trees.

Our tourist company offers those who is keen of flowers the tour  'Kamchatka – The Paradise of Flowers'. You will spend seven wonderful days among the world of flowers and volcanoes. The best time for this tour I s from July till August.

Flower tour 'Kamchatka  – The Paradise of Flowers Flower tour 'Kamchatka  – The Paradise of Flowers Flower tour 'Kamchatka  – The Paradise of Flowers

The program of the tour

1st day: Arrival at Kamchatka. Meeting at Elizovo airport, transference to the hotel of Petropavlovsk – Kamchatsky, accommodation, rest.

2nd day: Transference to the base camp "Three Volcanoes", which is located at the foot of Avacha and Koryaksky volcanoes at the altitude of 900meters. It will take about 3 hours. Accommodation. Excursion to the foot of Koryaksky volcano, examining and taking pictures of flowers and plants of the volcanic region. Residence at the camp.

3rd day: Ascending Avacha volcano (2751 meters). The ascending and descending takes about 8 – 10 hours. A breathtaking view to the nearby volcanoes, Petropavlovsk – Kamchatsky and Avacha bay opens from the top of Avacha. After descending there will be transference to a cozy dacha at the country side with a bath-house, which will be waiting for you.

Flower tour 'Kamchatka  – The Paradise of Flowers Flower tour 'Kamchatka  – The Paradise of Flowers Flower tour 'Kamchatka  – The Paradise of Flowers

4th day: Transference at the off - road automobile to the mountain plateau of Gorely volcano (900 meters). An the members of a group,for the time of rafting tour will be provided with life-jackets ,rubber-boots and hydrobags for the safety of personal articles. Although the company itself can supply those who want to try fishing with tackles for the time of the raftingtour. There on the background of severe volcanoes color and species variety strikes you. There you can see either golden rhododendron and Kamchatsky rhododendron, forget-me-nots, and this list of mountain plants and flowers continues…There a tent camp will be set. Excursion along the surrounding areas.

5th day: Early breakfast, ascending to the crater of Mutnovsky volcano (2322 meters). The ascending and descending takes about 8 – 9 hours. A part of the way lies along the snow area, that is why reliable shoes or rubber boots are necessary, or one should have one more pair of shoes at the camp. Examination of the fumaroles field, active crater, lake in the crater, steaming pots, sulphur smell….everything mentioned you can see and feel in the crater of volcano. It is possible to visit a waterfall (90 meters) on the way back, which is located in Opasny canyon. Coming back to the camp, dinner, rest.

6th day: Ascending to Gorely volcano (1829 meters). Breakfast, getting ready and ascending take about 8 hours. Gorely volcano is considered to be an active volcano; it has 11 craters, in one of which there is an acid lake of a beautiful blue color. Gorely is a typical shield volcano with flat level slopes. Up from the top of it a beautiful panorama of Viluchinsky and Mutnovsky vlc. and also Opala and Asacha vlc. opens.

Then transference to the recreation base, accommodation, bathing in the hot springs pools.

7th day: Round trip tour, buying of souvenirs and transfer4ence to the airport.

The price of the tour includes: three times a day meal, guide, cook and interpreter service, basic gear, transport service, living at the recreation base and in the hotel, excursions, visa support, and registration.

Each member of the tour is to have: a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, reliable shoes, and articles of personal necessity, bathing accessories, repellent, sun-glasses, personal first aid kit, and flashlight.

The price of the tour is 22500 rubles.

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